Une plongée dans un univers microscopique
27 juin-1 juil. 2016 Plouzané (France)

Dr Magdalena Blażewicz

Dr Magdalena Blażewicz, University of Łódź (Poland)

Magdalena (Magda) Błażewicz is a marine biologist at University of Łódź (Poland). Her scientific interests is mainly drawn on taxonomy, systematic and biodiversity of small, cryptic and hardly known crustaceans – Tanaidacea. Her aim is to investigate how small organisms, which are virtually sessile and lack a swimming or planktonic phase at any stage of their life history might be distributed and colonize remote habitats. Magda is a leader of the Marine Biology group at the Department of Invertebrate Zoology and Hydrobiology (UŁ) and coordinate a few projects which direct  to assess the diversity of Tanaidacea at different spatial scales, e.g., within and between relatively small, well delineated marine basins, and between larger remotely located marine regions, implementing integrative taxonomy e.g. traditional morphology/taxonomy and state of the art tools (e.g. barcoding, metabarcoding, AGBD, GMYC) as well as the analysis of diversity and distribution patterns on the background of environmental conditions.


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