Une plongée dans un univers microscopique
27 juin-1 juil. 2016 Plouzané (France)

Prof Reinhardt Kristensen


Prof Reinhardt Møbjerg Kristensen, NHM of Denmark

Reinhardt Møbjerg Kristensen is a full professor (Chair in Invertebrate Zoology), Zoological Museum (UC) expert in phylogeny of tardigrades and the leader of the Meiofauna Working Group of the Zoological Museum. He is member of The Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters (from 2002). The major body of research was the description, molecular phylogeny and ultrastructural investigations of the three new phyla Loricifera (1983), Cycliophora (1995) and Micrognathozoa (2000). The largest part of Arctic Biology Research is mainly based on research concerning cryptobiosis in tardigrades (including ESA space-programmes) and on research on homothermic springs at Disko Island and in Ikka Fjord, however, he also discovered cyclomorphosis for the first time in tardigrades. A paper about the rare mineral ikait and its flora and fauna was published in Nature (1997) together with geologists, botanists and several scientists from my department. Recently working with the microfossils of Cambrian Orsten fauna of tardigrades, microlobopodians and loriciferans; however the main discovery: Loriciferans living in permanently anoxic condition was published in 2010.  Homepage: http://www.snm.ku.dk/people/rmkristensen.

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