Une plongée dans un univers microscopique
27 juin-1 juil. 2016 Plouzané (France)

Dr Helena Wiklund

Dr Helena Wiklund
(Natural History Museum, London, UK)
I am a polychaete taxonomist and systematist working with both morphological and molecular data. My PhD project at University of Gothenburg in Sweden was on polychaetes living on whale-falls. I went on to do a postdoc in 2010 at Natural History Museum in London, on systematics of deep-sea polychaetes. After that I got a Marie Curie Fellowship, also on deep-sea polychaetes. Now I am into my third postdoc (still at NHM in London) and this time I’m expanding a bit, my current project concerns all macro- and megafauna invertebrates except crustaceans, and we are part of a baseline study of an area in the mid-Pacific where there is a potential for future industrial deep-sea mining.
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